Individual or Family Counseling for Teens

Hi, I'm Bob. I'm a Teens Specialist and I see teens age 15+. I love working with teens and young adults! That’s because those years have been the most formative and memorable years of my life. If you and your teen are struggling, I want to help you get out of the rut.

Issues I help with

I enjoy helping teens and their families with depression, anxiety, neurodiversity, as well as drugs and alcohol use. I also offer parenting support and education around unique challenges families find themselves in at this phase of life. 

The counseling I provide

I'm here to help teens and their parents understand each other and get along better no matter how bad it has gotten. The thing is, when you’re all fighting, it’s not like you’re having the time of your life. Conflict is stressful for everyone.

I want to help facilitate difficult conversations so both sides feel heard and understood. That’s often half the battle. If it is a problem with no quick solutions, I want to help everyone learn to deal with it without making things worse. If there are actions to be taken, they will be planned and well thought out.

Possible outcomes of therapy

You know you’re done with treatment when your “problem” is resolved. Whether it be difficulty getting along, or “I can’t get five words outta him,” those issues will be taken care of. Both sides will be happier.

Wouldn’t you want that?

After school and work appointments available

Knowing how hectic life can be juggling extracurricular activities and home and work life, I provide the following afternoon, evening and weekend appointments:

Tuesdays - 2:30 to 9pm
Fridays - 2:30 to 9pm
Saturdays - 2:30 to 9pm

What my clients say about me

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My clients will notice there’s a kid side to me. They find me very relatable and they appreciate the connection we have that helps move therapy forward. I balance being a good listener with being an active part of your treatment process. 

Want to stop being miserable?